This movie night should end with sex

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Her stepson is a little strange. From few days has a girlfriend but he doesn’t know what to do with her. He loves watching films but I think that he shouldn’t do it when he with with girl. Of course it is nice to have common movie night but it should end in different way. Girl seems to be a little annoyed because she would like to fuck. Tina needs to get things in her own hands. She started to kiss him but it seems that he doesn’t know how to do it. It seems that he needs good lesson of sex!

Fortunately she is in great relationship with her stepmother. She talked with her and she promised to give them few good advices how to do it. She will take a part in this event to be absolutely sure that they understand everything. In fact stepson is a little shy and totally unexperienced. But after this lesson he is ready for alone moments with his girlfriend. Next time they will do it together again. All because Tia would like to check if their teaching was successful. It will be true hard-ride and guy will cum-shoot on their sweet faces in the end. Great movie which is worth of watching. Below I have attached some trailer.

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