Few tricks how to get a job

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Today Jillian has her first job interview. She afraid that she will fail because she is young, unexperienced and doesn’t have high school diploma. But Abbey gave her few advices hot do do it. She told her that she will have big chances if the interviewer will be guy. Few tricks about seducing make her chances bigger. All depends from man and if he won’t be gay.

Fortunately he was true health guy who love young babes. Especially when they are so slutty and ready to do for him many bad things. She started from touching his cock in trousers, next started to sucking his dick. Guy seemed to be in seventh heaven and want to continue their common fun. Soon joined them Abbey who heard loudly delight screams by door. Her pussy got wet and demanded attractions, too.

Interviewer had great time with two pretty woman. The older one are super experienced and she knew how to do it. Younger one was really pretty and it was big pleasure for him to can load cock inside her tight pussy. It seems that she will have this job. What do you think?

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